Dr.Trinh Vu M.D. – Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Dr. Vu is a wonderful and caring doctor. I have been going to Dr. Vu at Hercules Medical Clinic for the last 10+ years. He has helped diagnose medical conditions that were missed by several local Monterey specialists. I was having some serious stomach pains and issues and went to several local specialists and was given a colonoscopy and endoscopy and found nothing wrong. Finally in total frustration and pain I went to go see Dr. Vu. He listened to how I was feeling and ordered a simple ultrasound as he thought it could be my gallbladder. He was correct. Got my gallbladder removed a week later. Not sure what I would do without Dr. Vu and Hercules Medical Clinic. He is not only an amazing doctor he is an awesome person as well. I cannot recommend him enough. If you feel that your current doctor doesn’t listen to you or if you have to wait months to get an appointment call Dr. Vu today. He is my doctor for life. Very Thankful to have found you Dr. Vu

Anna B. – Monterey CA

Dr. Vu of Hercules Medical Clinic is an excellent doctor and primary care physician. I have been seeing him for many years and my entire family trusts him with out health. He listens and cares and is a great doctor.

Joel – Pebble Beach CA

Highly Recommend this Wonderful Doctor!!! Very professional, efficient, knowledgeable, helpful and kind!!! I have referred family and friends to Dr. Vu, and they have all been very pleased.

AnnaMarie S. – Seaside, CA

Dr. Vu is very knowledgeable, humanist and an excellent diagnostician, which is everything in Medecine. Very kind and knowledgeable. Excellent diagnostician

Monterey CA

Have seen Dr. Vu twice since he has taken over for Rosen. Quite happy 🙂

Marina CA

I hope him well. He is no longer with Doctors on Duty. And it shows.

Marina CA

Dr. Vu has help my family in so many ways. He is very thorough and has been our family doctor for years.. My husband and brother in law have been comfortable having Dr. Vu as their physician, which says a lot. Dr. Vu has helped me get through various illnesses and has the utmost respect and care for his patients. We have found his professionalism and care to be sincere. You can tell he has the passion to help people, that’s a wonderful quality for any doctor. Thank you Dr. Vu.

Monterey CA

Dr Vu has treated and cared for my family for over 10 years. He’s so thoughtful, thorough and really cares for his patients. He takes his time to explain what is happening and how to make it better. His expertise and knowledge have helped the long term health of more than one family member. There are few doctors today that show care, empathy and take time to build trust w their patients.- Thank you Dr. Vu.

Marina CA

Fantastic Physician! He owns Hercules Medical NOT w Doctors on Duty for Many Years!!! Find him in Seaside at Hercules and soon at his new location in Monterey on Cass Street!

Seaside CA